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    Nanjing Diamond Chem Co., Ltd. was established in May 2014, located in Nanjing - the ancient capital of six dynasties in Chinese history, is a professional R&D company which focus on high-performance UV Photoinitiator and industrial adhesive additives products. We engaged in UV light curing field which belongs to radiation curing industry, which also is the supported industry by the entire world. The products can be widely used in electronics, printing, food packaging and medical materials in the field of light-cured coatings, photographic imaging materials, light-cured ink, holographic laser imaging and other high-tech fields.

    Light curing technology has "5E" advantages: High Efficiency, Widely Enable, Energy Saving, Environmental-Friendly and Economical. Comparing with the traditional curing method, the light curing can save more than 90% energy, produce lower COD and waste water, meanwhile, there is no organic solvent volatilizing, odorless and non-migratory during application. It`s the inevitable trend of development to replace the traditional curing method.

    We persist on practicing the business philosophy of science and technology orientation, based on technology innovation and being driven by the customer demand, with this discipline we actively promote technology innovation and build technology research platform. We has established a long-term collaboration with the Chemistry Academy of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, except the advantage of Singapore we also formed a R&D team with strong R & D capability which led by our abroad studied doctors.

   Our ISO9001 certificated production plant is located in Hubei Xiangyang Economic Development Zone; the total annual production volume can be thousands of metric tons. Our technology of Polymerizable high performance Photoinitiator has reached the international advanced level.

    Our product "DM-ABP" initially broke the international technical barriers and filled up successfully the domestic market gaps. We also developed a number series of new polymerizable Photoinitiator, which with features such as no solvent volatilizing, odorless and non-migration, the production technology also reached international advanced level. Now our products have been imported by customers from Japan, Germany, Italy and Brazil. With our distribution channels in America, Europe and South America we believe our product will be more and more competitive in international market.  

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